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October 9, 2015 | by: Steve Simmons | 0 comments

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We Don’t believe in Generation Whatever
We don’t believe in Boomers, Gen-Xers, or Millennials. Though I am especially fond of A-Millennialism, ….but that is a different topic. Back to those modern takes on the generation gap, it is not that we do not see differences in different segments of our society; it is that we really do not see the difference of those that are called by different names.

Boomers (my generation) certainly can be noted for the self-absorbed fashion that they lived and that bent has not disappeared in the following generations. But other than clothes, language, technology, music, and such, there really is little difference and yet each generation demands something new if we are going to connect with them.

It may be that a church from time to time needs to address and discuss their style and approach to worship and ministry, but when that happens it needs to be driven by a discussion of theology not a desire to meet the new generation on their terms. The call to be more “authentic” or “vulnerable” or more “millennial” seems too often to be a call to create an environment where everybody can feel comfortable. Fallen man naturally longs to avoid the consideration of God’s transcendence or His call for our holiness. But such thinking is wrong-headed for the Christian. We do not begin our consideration of church life or worship with concerns for anyone’s comfort; we begin with a passion to honor God and a commitment to be faithful to Holy Scripture.

If you are looking for a church that has a passion to reach people with the gospel of Jesus Christ and to become part of your life in the process of discipleship and the practice of worship, than we might be what you are looking for. However we have no desire to be driven by the idea that we can reach this or that generation by becoming like that generation. If the Words of Holy Scripture will not reach a particular generation than nothing will, not even if one were to rise from the dead (see Luke 16). So, if you are looking for a church where Jew and Greek as well as Boomer and Millennial are welcome and where you will be taught the Word of God, discipled, loved, and encouraged to serve than this might be the place for you. We are an ordinary means of grace church focusing on the Word, the Sacraments, and prayer. We are not all that interested in trying to keep up with shifting styles but rather assume that those cultural shifts, that so many make so much of, are nothing more that depravity being dressed up in the style of the day. We don’t want to fit in with the world. We want to shape the world by the Word.
We are Bible centered in worship—reading, preaching, singing, and praying God’s Word. We are traditional in worship—singing hymns that are full of great theology and are generally easy to sing. Our order of service is a very basic liturgy that is designed to encourage a worship that is God centered, saint encouraging, and non-Christian convicting. We are not very complicated—there are not a pile of committees or programs that keep people busy doing stuff in order to do stuff. Our means are ordinary and our calling is the Great Commission of our Savior. We are a church of old and young and everything in-between and we identify ourselves with the generation that is eternal.

We hope you can come and visit, meet our people, join together with us in worship, ask questions, and perhaps find you place in a church that is determined by God’s grace to live in light of eternity and not the ideas of the moment.

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