Blogging about Blogging

May 8, 2013 | by: Steve Simmons | 0 comments

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Me, Blogging about Blogging?

Blogs, sort of the “mixed-martial arts” of writing, have been one of those opportunities that I have been slow to embrace.  I suppose I have been waiting to see if that internet thing was going to catch on.  Well, it seems to be here for the near future so I thought I might go ahead and make use of it, even if it means entering into the technology of the twentieth century (just one more to go!).  Well, that is my cover story.

Actually, the advent of our blog has more to do with our new web site than my hesitancy; it left me without excuse so that I could no longer hide behind my self-inflicted “technologically challenged” status.  So here I am with my first blog, blogging about blogging…creativity just oozes from that title!

 My hopes for the use of tool is to find a place between the “that’s too much information” and nothing said.  I hope to speak to things that matter to our congregation from more of a personal prospective than other formats may warrant and I hope to, together with you, work through what it means to think and live as a Christian in Tyler Texas.  I hope you find it helpful and worthy of passing on along with our web site and Facebook page. 

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