Praying for Fifth Street Presbyterian Church

March 19, 2015 | by: Steve Simmons | 0 comments

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How to pray for our church
Pastor Simmons

There are always needs and request for prayer that are ready for your attention and should enlist your prayers. We have sick, elderly, hurting, children, jobs needed, marital problems, depression, pain of the body and the soul, and many, many other needs that invade our lives and the life of our church. As you become aware of these needs you should pray.
These requests are good requests but as you read through the Scriptures what are the requests that most often gain the attention of our Lord and His apostles.
Our Savior calls us to pray for His Kingdom to come and His will to be done. He tells us that we should pray for laborers for the harvest. Paul urges us to pray for his opportunity to minster the Word of God and He constantly offers up prayers for the churches’ growth in grace and their advancement of the Kingdom of Christ. By and large, the bulk of the prayers commanded and illustrated in the New Testament seem to flow out of the great commission. The church and her leadership of the first century were much in prayer for the winning of the lost and the discipleship of the saints.
So, when you pray for Fifth Street Presbyterian Church what ought to be at the heart of your requests. I would like to make a few suggestions.
1. Pray that our worship would be Christ centered and God honoring and that God would fill the sanctuary with people who delight in a heart-felt, biblical, and thoughtful worship.
2. Pray that the preaching and teaching ministry would be effective. That the saints would be built up and non-believers (members and non-members) would be brought to a saving knowledge of Christ.
3. Pray for the desire and opportunity for evangelism through the life of our church and its membership. Pray that God would change the culture of our church to one where we just cannot resist talking to outsiders about Christ and encouraging them to attend to the gospel as well as the gathered worship of Christ’s church.
4. As you think and pray about future ministries here at Fifth Street Presbyterian, pray for laborers, pray for men and women who will be gifted, equipped, and passionate about such ministries that God may wish to raise up here. If you have a heart for things such as ESL, Counseling, International Student, Christian Education, Prison Ministry, Prisoner After-Care Ministry, Evangelism Programs, and any other like ministry that can be used for evangelism and discipleship than pray. Pray that God will send those laborers that are needed and that He would guide us and open the doors to such ministries.
5. Pray also that God would send us a good supply of hurting and broken people that we can love, encourage, and point to Christ.
6. Pray that you, your family, and your fellow church members would grow in grace and learn all the more to pray.
Start here. Pray daily. Pray much. Pray for much. Too often we are forced to feel the truthfulness of our Lord’s words ‘that we have not because we ask not’. Pray that God would do a great work in us and through us to the expansion of His Kingdom.

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