Were you looking for us? We believe the Bible!

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Were you looking for us? We believe the Bible.
By Steve Simmons

We are looking for two groups of people as we consider our outreach ministry here at Fifth Street Presbyterian Church. We are looking for those who are looking for us and we are looking for those that are not looking for us. We look for those not looking for us by outreach such as evangelism and mercy ministry. And we look for those who are looking for us by trying to put ourselves in their field of vision.
Granted those looking for us may be a small group but it is a group we wish to connect with. These are people who identify with who we are and what we believe. These are people looking for a church that has a commitment to the authority and the ministry of God’s Word, traditional worship and music, conservative theology, Reformed theology, and such characteristics as these. Again, we realize that the number of those looking for us may be small, but connecting with those looking for us is important to us.
This week’s little article is about our commitment to Biblical Authority. If you are looking for a church that is committed to the authority of the Bible you can find one here on Fifth Street.
What we believe about the Bible shapes all we believe and do as churches and individuals. Recent news concerning churches that have given in to the culture’s demand to accept and celebrate homosexuality and the marriage of homosexuals evidence changes that were not simply pulled out of the air, they are changes that have been coming for many years, many years before anyone would have dared talk about homosexual marriages in the church. Once a church like City Church in San Francisco or a denomination like the PCUSA shift in how they view the Bible they have begun a journey that can only end up in the affirmation of whatever the culture determines to be the norm. As sad as it is to see formerly sound churches shift their views to such a degree that they are approving what God condemns, the greater and foundational error is that they have changed how they view the Bible. The modern trend is to rob the Bible of all authority and make the goddess of post-modern thought to have sway in all matters of life. Right and wrong become categories of my own creation and are more about personal preference than objective realities. As one of my professors often said about such a view of the Bible, “They believe the Bible is inspired in spots and they were inspired to spot the spots.” That is, the authority is now with man and not with God. And the god of those who have such a view of the Bible will be small and look a whole lot like those who are worshiping him.
The PCA and Fifth Street Presbyterian Church are committed to the authority of God’s Word. We at Fifth Street PCA are committed to the Bible as the only foundation for life and faith and we believe that it was verbally inspired by God and is infallible. Therefore, in our church we focus on Bible preaching and teaching and seek to govern all parts of our church life by what the Bible says. If you are interested in more information about us check out our web site at www.fifthstreetpca.org, you might want to also check out the link to Kruger’s lectures on the New Testament Cannon linked…they are excellent.
We understand that not everyone is as excited about the Bible as we are and some might even find this little blurb offensive, but it is not written for them, it is written for those who are interested in a church that loves God’s Word and values it above all the world has to offer. If you are looking for a Bible believing, Bible centered, and Bible loving church visit us on our website, listen to a few sermons, and then come and see us at 1616 East Fifth Street, Tyler TX…right beside TJC. We have been looking for you!

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