The Earth is God's and so is Salvation

The Earth is God’s and so is Salvation
Psalm 24
I. The Whole Earth belongs to God. 1-2
II. Who can come to God? 3-6
III. To whom will God come? 7-10
It is possible that you are saying, “I shall never enter into the
heaven of God, for I have neither clean hands nor a pure heart.”
Look then to Christ, who has already climbed the holy hill. He has
entered as the forerunner of those who trust him. Follow in his
footsteps, and repose upon his merit. He rides triumphantly into
heaven, and you shall ride there too if you trust him. “But how can
I get the character described?” say you. The Spirit of God will
give you that. He will create in you a new heart and a right sprit.
Faith in Jesus is the work of the Holy Spirit, and has all virtues
wrapped up in it. –C.H. Spurgeon as quoted in Boice’s Psalms Vol 1