Keeping Ourselves in God's Love

Keeping Ourselves in God’s Love
Matthew 25:14-41
I. Expectation of Judgement 14-16
A. Universal Judgement
B. Moral Judgement
II. Exhortations toward Faithfulness 17-21
A. Anticipation of Problems
B. Antidote for the Poison
“The gospel is the gospel of Christ. He has revealed it to us, and he
is the main subject of it; and therefore we are indispensably bound
to learn thence all we can of his person, natures, and offices:
indifference as to this is inexcusable in any who call themselves
Christians; and we know from what fountain we are wholly and
solely to draw all necessary saving knowledge. Further, it is also a
doctrine of godliness. Whatever doctrines favor the corrupt lusts of
men cannot be of God, let the pleas and pretensions for them be
what they will. Errors dangerous to the souls of men soon sprang
up in the church. The servants slept and tares were sown.”
—Matthew Henry