The Steadfast

The Steadfast
James 1:12-18
I. The Blessing of Faithfulness 12
A. The Test
B. The Promise
II. The Cause of Unfaithfulness 13-15
A. Not, Not My Fault
B. Sin is the Pursuit of Death
III. The God of the Faithful 16-18
A. The God of Good Gifts
B. The Gift of a Good God
“Those who are prepared to use this life as an arena of endurance for
Jesus’ sake will find that an abundant life awaits them from the hand of
God. In this world, the onlooker might see them as sacrificing life, as
having a wretched time, as missing out on life. They might be asked why
they bother, why they do not opt out and enjoy themselves for a bit, and
so on. But they have chosen to endure for Christ, and to live with their
eyes on the life which he will give, crowning them with dignity, victory,
happiness, and reward in heaven.” —J . A. Motyer