Be Patient, Established, and Steadfast

Be Patient, Established, and Steadfast
James 5:7-12
I. Patience—an encouragement
A. The Coming Fruit 7-8
The Farmer’s Patience is related to God’s program of the
seasons and issues a precious fruit. Patience will bear a
precious fruit for the coming of the Lord.
B. The Coming Judge 9
The coming judge will judge sins of speech and bring
them under condemnation. The judge near!
II. Patience—an example
A. The Coming Fulfillment 10-11
The coming end (purpose or fulfillment) is that to which
the Lord is working and he will do so with compassion
and mercy to those who have endured.
B. The Coming Judgment 12
The Coming Judgment of sins of speech and the use of
oaths in order to deceive.