The Prayer of the Righteous

The Prayer of the Righteous
James 5:16-18
I. Confess to one another
A. If you sinned—repent
B. If you repented—pray
II. Pray for one another
A. The Power of Prayer
B. The People who Pray
Concerning Elijah being like us, Calvin says:
“Lest any one should object and say, that we are far distant from
the dignity of Elijah, he places him in our own rank, by saying, that
he was a mortal man and subject to the same passions as
ourselves. For we profit less by the examples of saints, because we
imagine them to have been half-gods or heroes, who had peculiar
intercourse with God; so that because they were heard, we receive
no confidence. In order to shake off this heathen and profane
superstition James reminds us that the saints ought to be
considered as having the infirmity of the flesh; so that we may
learn to ascribe what they obtained for the Lord, not to their
merits, but to the efficacy of prayer.”