The Gospel of Jesus Christ

The Good News…God saves sinners!

The gospel of Jesus Christ is the good news that God is gracious to underserving sinners. Even those who do not like to talk about sin, sinfulness, and judgment cannot get away from the realization that something is wrong, broken, and out of place. The Bible explains this “wrongness” as a problem in the relationship between humanity and God. God is holy, righteous, just and requires of His creation that they live consistent with his standards. Failing to live according to his standards is called sin and sin is the problem. Because of sin, man is separate from or at odds with God. Because of sin God must judge and that judgment will be executed unless something is done to remove the offence and guilt. The gospel is that solution.

This unexpected solution to our dilemma is contrary to our intuition which naturally leads us down a path of trying to do good to offset our sin. The answer is found in receiving the free gift of salvation by Jesus Christ. It is a free gift to all those who ask Him in faith and repentance. When someone realizes that they are a sinner and turns from their sin to trust Christ as their savior, God accepts Christ’s sin payment on the cross for their sins. This is why we speak of the message of salvation as “good news”, because those who have trusted Christ alone for their salvation are pardoned for all their sins, accepted as righteous in God’s sight, received into the family of God, and renewed after the image of God so that they are no longer slaves to sin but able to live in obedience to God. The good news is that Christ has satisfied all that God requires for all who are willing to turn from their sins and trust Christ alone as the hope of their salvation.

If God has begun to give you understanding that your sins will be your ruin we would invite you to call out to the God of the Bible that he might work in you to give you a greater hate for sin and the ability to understand and believe the gospel of Jesus Christ. Christ has clearly declared that he would turn no one away (John 6:35-37; 3:16-21). Those who seek salvation in Jesus Christ always find that salvation.

If you have questions about this or would like further clarification please contact us at Fifth Street Presbyterian Church. We are eager to talk with you about this good news.